YRB Nicola

Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Nicola) Ltd. was formed in 2019 after being selected as Preferred Proponent in the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructures 2018/2019 Highway Maintenance Contract re-tendering process.  The Nicola Contract Area (Service Area #14) will begin operations on July 1, 2019 and will expire on June 30, 2029 with the possibility of a 5 year extension.

The Nicola contract area contains the main cities of Merritt, Lytton and Logan Lake as well as the communities of Aspen Grove, Douglas Lake, Quilchena, Kingsvale, Brookmere and Mamette Lake to name a few.  The Service Area is located in the middle of the Southern Interior keying into the main transportation hub with the Lower Mainland.

The contract boundaries are located to the south on Highway 5 at Portia U-turn and on Highway 5A 3.5kms south of Gulliford Road intersection, to the East on 97C 10kms East of the Sunset Main Road exit, to the North on Highway 5 at Walloper Underpass Bridge and on Highway 5A at Intersection at Old Kamloops Road, to the West on Highway 8 through to Spences Bridge, to the North on Highway 12 21km North of the Botanie Creek Road intersection and on Highway 1 from Spences Bridge down through to the south 4.8kms South of Kanaka Station Road Intersection.

The contract area contains approximately 1,500 kms of road, 16 rest areas, 165 bridges and related structures, 101 retaining walls and the Lytton Reaction Ferry system.